About Synstrat

At Synstrat, we believe that every day needs to be explored, enhanced, and enjoyed. With good planning, hard work and a bit of courage we should all look forward to financial security and with it, a full and happy life.

Our qualified accountants, financial advisers and valuers have a broad range of experience in all stages of your work and life cycle. Be it starting a business, succession planning, retirement, or anything in between, there is someone here to help you get to where you want to be.
Synstrat was formed in 1994 although the seed for the business was sown many years before that. Our core objective is to guide and assist business owners and professionals through their financial life cycle.

Our core objective is to guide and assist business owners and professionals through their financial life cycle.

Early Career Phase
Where a young professional is establishing their professional identity where our practice valuation, consultancy services, including purchase negotiation, advice on optimum structuring of your affairs in your individual circumstances, and practice benchmarking services are powerful tools at your disposal;
Wealth creation and protections phase
Once established as a business owner or a successful professional we assist you in building wealth through optimising your business interests and advising on investments relevant to your phase of life. We can also assist you in protecting yours and your family's financial position with advice on insurance options relevant to your needs. Included in our service offering is our SMSF advice and administration services and our risk management advice;
Workforce exit and retirement phase
Where our expertise on the practice sale process including valuation and negotiation, capital gains tax possibilities and advice on structuring your superannuation affairs for the tax and estate planning purposes can create significant value for clients.

Your financial journey

We view your financial life cycle as a journey and pride ourselves in navigating you through this; not just avoiding the pitfalls but to significantly improve your wealth position. Whilst applicable and available to all, our services have proven to be particularly valuable to the dental and veterinary professions where our specialist skills and expertise allow us to provide additional targeted advice in respect of valuation and practice management issues.

Accounting & Financial Planning

In order to provide the full range of accounting and financial services to clients, the Synstrat Group consists of two companies: Synstrat Accounting Pty Ltd which provides accounting and business services, and Synstrat Management Pty Ltd which is licenced to provide financial advice. While the two companies are required to operate separately for regulatory reasons they each have the same owners, all of whom work within the Synstrat Group.

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